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Covid-19 policy

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

To help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and provide a safe environment for both clients and therapist, please read on below to understand the steps I am taking. These changes are based on what we do know about the spread of Covid-19, and guidance from the UK government and professional therapy bodies:

  1. It is spread by droplets that come out of your nose and mouth, talking to some-one in close range increases your chance of transmission.

  2. Touching your face can spread it to your hands.....and your hands touch things, surfaces and other people.

  3. The virus can remain active on surfaces for up to 48hrs.

So taking this into account, how do we go about providing/receiving a massage and staying safe, because my arms are not 2m long.

  1. Reduce the amount of face to face time and talking. This means conducting the consultation part of the appointment for new clients via a video call first. My preference is video, I can assess your range of movement. The physical appointment will involve walking in, washing your hands, getting on the table and talking an absolute minimum. For existing clients a very brief socially distanced consult in the waiting room is done, with face covering/masks on. After care instructions for stretching will also be done in a follow up email, phone call or video call.

  2. Good personal hygiene. Wash your hands, wash your hands and wash your hands again. Now this is not a new one for me. I always wash my hands immediately before and after a treatment. What is new is that you will be asked to wash your hands upon entering the treatment room.

  3. Personal protection. I wear a mask and visor throughout the treatment. You will need to wear your face covering throughout your appointment unless you are lying face down. It can be difficult to breathe with a face covering on whilst your face is in the face cradle. I wear gloves throughout the treatment unless it interferes with the quality of the treatment.

  4. Increased cleaning of the treatment room. As soon as you have left, the treatment room is given a clean down with disinfectant. Clean linens are put on the couch (this already happened anyway, I always changed ALL the linens after each client). However, the couch and face cradle also get a wipe down as well. I wear a fresh apron for each client. Everything gets washed at 60 degrees (again, this is not anything new to my practice). The treatment room is ventilated during and after each treatment.

  5. Reduced number of appointments per day. Due to additional cleaning requirements and a need to ventilate the room between each session, appointments are half an hour apart, rather than 15 minutes. I have increased my treatment hours to five days per week.

  6. Clinical minimal look is in baby. Sorry, that means no comfy chairs, cushions, curtains or wall hangings. Be prepared for the room to look a bit bare.

  7. Track and trace. As I come into close contact with several people a day, I ask all my clients to use track and trace should they develop symptoms. Not just for me but for all my clients safety.

  8. Most importantly of all.....if you develop symptoms please stay home. By booking an appointment with me you are agreeing to cancel/not attend your appointment if you, or a member of your household develop any symptoms. Even if you start to feel iffy on your way in to the appointment, it's ok. We'll reschedule for when you are better, I will not charge a cancellation fee. If you are in real need of treatment we can do a self care treatment via video. If you have been holiday to an area which requires you to self-isolate, you will not book an appointment in with me until that isolation period has finished.

I'm also very fortunate to be an aromatherapist, which means I will be using essential oils with anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties to help clear the air after an appointment. I can't quote any scientific evidence about Covid19, however I can say there is evidence regarding essential oils ability to reduce microbe levels in the air.

My focus is on being able to provide you with as safe an environment as I can offer. If making these changes above means I can return to treating your muscular pain hands on, then I'm all good. I hope you are too.

Take care.


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